CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/7/18 – 5/13/18

Monday: beginning the day with an extended warm up focusing on glute activation, shoulder health, and squat mobility. This will lead us into the rest of the day with more banded squat work that we will continue to incorporate into our weekly routine to improve speed in our lifting. Closing the day out with a very quick and dirty workout with your jump rope and some core work! Tuesday: today’s class will be timed from almost start to finish with 4 different 8:00 pieces alternating between a strength and a workout. Bring your weightlifting equipment today! Wednesday: starting the day off with the pull up dip program before getting into a conditioning test now that it is nice outside so pack your running shoes. Thursday: getting back on the barbell today with Olympic lifting technique and the opportunity to get heavy.  We will close the day out with some fast and furious interval work with light weights. Friday: starting off today with a one rep max test on your strict press. From there, we will move on to body weight work in preparation for the hero workout Murph in just a few weeks. Saturday: lots of accessory work to get your weekend going with explosive work, upper back strengthening, and posterior chain activation. Closing your fitness week out with a partner workout alternating between conditioning and unilateral work with a dumbbell.]]>