CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/14/18 – 5/20/18

Monday: starting out the week with some bench mark testing! We are mixing the order up a bit today with our workout first and strength test second. Let’s see how heavy you can get after getting your heart rate up first. Tuesday: getting into a lot of gymnastics skills to start the day working on lower and upper body balance and core strength. You will finish off the workout with a quick couplet with the bike and a challenging gymnastics movement. Wednesday: we will begin the day with unilateral work and shoulder stability with kettle bells in a slow AMRAP fashion. After that gentle warm up comes the long 20:00 AMRAP with squats, lunges, and running! Thursday: more banded strength work to begin our Thursday, focusing again on speed through the full range of motion as the bands try to slow you down. We will close the day out with a spicy descending ladder with a barbell and some burpees. Friday: more gymnastics skills to begin your Friday, this time focusing a bit more on building the foundations for a muscle up. You will finish the work week out with another NapTown benchmark with a kettle bell, testing your grip strength and efficiency with moving the bell. Saturday: you will be taking on a long 3 round workout today with descending reps each time. This will involve a run, lots of single leg work, and some gymnastics on the bar!]]>