CrossFit Programming Preview : 12/19-12/25

Monday: squatting for your strength work today as part 1 of your Monday. Part 2 is a little gymnastics challenge with a barbell/grip intensive twist. There will be a time cap on your workout to really push you to go fast and work big sets. Your last piece for the day will be free time to work on your goals! Tuesday: a super challenging workout will be starting your day off. Be prepared to go to the pain cave and really push yourself mentally. Your day will finish out with some specific skill work for developing a strict muscle ups. People at ALL levels will have something to work on. Wednesday: another 3 part day for you beginning again with strength work, this time with a pulling piece. Part 2 will be your workout with a cardio piece testing two different types of time domains. You will finish the day off with another opportunity to get after your goals. Don’t be shy about asking questions during this time to get more tools in your arsenal for achieving that goal! Thursday:  your last strength piece of the week in the form of a press will start you off. Your workout today will be an interval piece mixing cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics. Your goal will be to stay as consistent as possible for each round of the interval, scaling up or down as needed to make that happen. Friday: our classic holdout workout will finish off the week! Sing 12 days of Christmas a few times over to prepare you for this workout so you (hopefully) don’t get lost along the way! Saturday: nornal schedule today for classes except barbell club will be an open gym rather than a coached class. We will be celebrating a different holiday today with the Festivus Feats of Strength! If that reference is lost on you, google it. Have a fun and fit week!]]>