CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 8/20/18 to 8/26/18

Monday: Starting our week off with Kris of gymnastics skill work before getting into a fun triplet workout. We will have a mash up of some tough gymnastics skills paired with a moderate barbell. Tuesday: Making a big 180 degree switch from Monday with a strength piece to start the day off with some heavy squatting. Finishing the day out with a longer workout with running and air squats to close out the day. Wednesday: Getting our day going with Olympic lifting practice and technique work. You’ll finish the day out with a super light weight barbell workout, a retest of a short and quick hero workout. Thursday: Back to gymnastics skill work today, this time with the focus on strength along with unilateral work to even out any asymmetries. Closing the day out with another hero workout with a twist. Be ready to work on some barbell cycling and burpees!! Friday: Giving the people (bros) what they want with our strength work to start the day off! We will end the day with a heavy barbell and core couplet to close out the work week. Saturday: Getting our Saturday going with a NapTown twist on a fan and athlete favorite CrossFit Games workout. Get ready for some Chaos 😉 we will finish the day off with some time of the sleds in teams!]]>