Meet Zoe! Zoe has been coaching for a little over a year (one year and three-ish months to be exact!) and will be helping to lead our upcoming nutrition challenge, MY*New Year! When asked what it is that Zoe loves about coaching, she says “I love that when I am coaching, I get to be the one hour of someone’s day that is positive, fun, and stress relieving. I like knowing that after that hour, everyone is walking away feeling accomplished and proud of themselves.” Zoe feels that what makes Myriad so special, is by far the people. She really enjoys getting to connect with so many different people and watching members connect with each other. Every time Zoe leaves the gym, she is walking away with a rush of inspiration. Her favorite type of movement is one that gets the heart rate up but also makes you feel the burn. Specifically, burpees! When Zoe is not nannying or coaching, she is generally with her family. She lives here in Indy with her older sister, but they visit home a lot to see their parents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and dog! Zoe has the most fun with them, talking, eating, dancing, etc.. “They mean everything to me and that is by far where I have the most fun.” She loves making healthy treats and snacks! You can often find Zoe in the kitchen making something gluten free, dairy free, and delicious! A little known fact about Zoe: “Not many people know I am second generation Syrian – I take a lot of pride in that.” Be sure to say hello next time you see Zoe — perhaps she will even have a great recipe to share!

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