Yoga Pose & Focus : 11/22-11/28

“When the stakes are high, bow down low.” – Beth Moore

Theme: Namaha
Namaha means to bow or acknowledge reverently. Namaha is literally translated as “not mine” – inviting an egoless approach to everything. Bowing to someone means to relinquish the ego and to offer something up. 

Flow Pose: Humble Warrior
Humble Warrior challenges our balance, stability and inevitably our ego. Allow yourself to find humility in this posture, letting go of your ego and being OK with unsteadiness in the legs. What can we offer of ourselves as we literally bow forward to those we practice with?

Restorative Pose: 90 90 knees with side bend
Be gentle to your hips and knees and honor the mobility of your unique body. Release your ego as you bow forward and offer up to those around you.