Open WOD 16.1 Announcement & Schedule Updates

UPDATE: PLEASE READ Monon can only host 5 people during the 20 Minute AMRAP. Delaware can only host 10 (that’s pushing it, 9 is more accurate) Capitol… we will soon find out! What does this mean? Tonight we will be hosting a special offering at Myriad CrossFit Capitol. The gym will be open at 6:00pm and the first heat will start at 6:20pm. There will be a SWIFT class and Yoga class taking place so please be quiet and respectful until those classes conclude (Yoga ends at 615pm). We are also going to be running another “Open Gym” simultaneously to the current Delaware Open Gym on Sunday. Sunday: Delaware Open Gym: 11am-1pm Capitol Special Open “Open Gym”: 11am-1pm Monon Open Gym: 4pm-5pm If you plan on doing the WOD on Saturday at Monon, you may run over time and not be done exactly at Noon so please plan accordingly. We’ve certainly learned a great deal about logistical issues with this workout during the AM classes and we are very thankful for everyone’s patience. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

Two things are going to be very important this weekend.

1) Educate yourself. Take 5 minutes and watch this video. Know what division you are in and whether you will be completing the workout Rx or Scaled. Click here to learn more about the workout:

2) Be patient. There is not a gym owner in the world right now who is happy with the logistics of this workout. Add the super long time domain and you have yourself a mess. We will do our best to accommodate all classes but do realize that we can only run so many athletes at a time. Classes may run over and we will be brainstorming best options for this first week. Remember, we have 140+ athletes to get through this workout.