S&F Programming Preview : 6/7-6/12

getting the day started with barbell work for some snatch olympic lifting work! Your workout will be a variation on the girl workout Nancy with a little longer run and heavier barbell to up the challenge.

staying with a barbell again to get our day started, this time focusing on our pulling and grip strength. Your workout will be a fun couplet of high level gymnastics paired with a weighted burpee variation.

working into some accessory work to get our day started before diving into a longer cardio piece for your workout.

starting today with some dumbbell accessory work for the shoulders. Your workout will be a shorter AMRAP triplet full of bodyweight and DB work.

back on the barbell to begin our Friday, testing a one rep max cluster! This is a great movement to showcase strength and technique in one movement. Our workout will be a partner piece, alternating in and “I go you go” fashion through a fast sequence with biking, barbells, and gymnastics.

kicking off the weekend with a longer farmer carry to get you moving. Our workout will be an AMRAP full of jump roping, step ups, and a heavier barbell.