CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/13-2/19

click this link to register! Our workouts will continue to include past Open workouts and movements that typically challenge people during the Open so we can be the most prepared. We will also be spending this week testing out our maxes in a few strength movements to see where we are at before heading into the Open. Monday: starting the day off with a squat one rep max. Make sure you bring the equipment you need to be the most successful with that lift! I encourage everyone to have a plan in how they will be working up so you make smart jumps and leave yourself enough time for all of the attempts you want to get in. The workout portion of your day will be a rotating EMOM to work on movements we think we may see in the Open. Tuesday: working on gymnastics skills and drills to start the day off along with a core tabata to get you all warmed up and ready to go. Your workout today is a bit of a throwback to an old Bracket Buster workout that you will be performing on your own. Wednesday: another strength piece to start the day off, finding your one rep max push press. Again, have a plan in place to set yourself up for success. Your workout today will be interval pieces involving a few variations on a movement we KNOW we will be seeing in the Open. You will also be getting better acquainted with dumbbells today with some new movements we do not play with often. Thursday:  warming up today with some agility work and pro agility races. Basically, trying our hand at our own NFL combine. You will have another interval piece today with 10 rounds of a little barbell/jump rope sprint workout. Friday: last one rep max test of the week with a deadlift pull. Be safe on this one. It is not worth a small PR (or even a big PR) if you cannot walk quite right the next day. Check the ego at the door and stay true to your good form. Your workout today is a bodyweight and cardio burner. Work on keeping a steady pace throughout! Saturday: all partnered up all the time today. You will be starting off with a little farm strength work before taking on a partner ladder playing with kettle bells and bodyweight movements. Have a fun and fit week!]]>