Deadlift Personal Records Day!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Thursday’s will be structured differently starting tomorrow. We will have a scheduled workout for all classes on Thursdays. This workout will be different then Monday-Wednesday. NOTE* If you have been with CrossFit NapTown for more than 3 months and are approved by Coach Peter or Jared you may make up a previous workout on Thursday as before. (This will allow those to still make up Benchmark WODs and PR Days they may have missed during the week).



Hamstring Mobility Deadlift Drills

Deadlift 5-3-3-1-1-1-1 60%-70%-80%-90%-100% (GOAL = To Set a New Personal Record)

4 Rounds of :15 Seconds Plank Superman Left Plank Right Plank

Verizon City App Challenge @ CrossFit NapTown

Tonight from 6pm-8pm Verizon Wireless will be at our location running the City App Challenge.  We have been selected as the first business in the Indianapolis Area to participate in this promotion.

Verizon is giving away a $100 “giftcard” to CrossFit NapTown, any one new or old can win!

Tweets from @Verizoninsider will mention @crossfitnaptown on 7/9, 7/10, 7/11 & 7/12 to promote the Street Team’s presence at your gym Team encourages consumers to opt-in for text alerts (“INDY” to 49420). Text alerts go out on 7/9, 7/10, 7/11 Consumers are encouraged to head out at 6pm on Wednesday 7/11 because the first 12 people that show up can participate in the contest    ]]>

23 thoughts on “Deadlift Personal Records Day!!!”

  1. Technique focused today. I worked up to 325…80# off my old PR, but I think my form is getting better!

  2. #240 PR!!! oh yeah!!!
    then i almost died in comp. class…took me 44:19 to finish that beastly wod (and pull ups are still not my friend). woof.

  3. 275# a new PR
    Thanks to Merritt for pulling that weight belt an extra 3 notches each round 🙂 so that I knew even if I didn’t get a new PR at least I felt like I had the waist of a teenage girl 🙂

  4. Rough dead lift day for me… I’m going to have to blame this less-than-thrilling performance on “concentrating on my form” or not having access to enough chalk. Just haven’t decided which excuse will make me feel better about myself.
    Great work, Dana, Leslie G, and Megan! You guys rocked that belt and lifted some serious weight tonight.

  5. 475 lb DL PR
    500 lbs before CFNT 1 year birthday.
    5×5 press @ 165
    5×5 weighted pull up @ 45
    100 lb 1 arm snatch work
    5 rounds:
    10 GHD Sit up
    10 GHD Back ex
    5×5 bench @ 225
    5×5 squat @ 275
    5×5 SDL @ 405

  6. 285 lb DL PR
    +50 lbs in 6 weeks thanks to good coaching on technique and getting my butt kicked 3x per week at Crossfit!

  7. 165#-same as my existing PR, totally wasn’t my day. Mind over Matter…and my mind totally psyched me out 🙁