Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 9/27-10/2

group class at gym

kicking the week off with a bang! We will have a longer workout featuring a series of runs paired with burpees to build up your engine.

After a longer workout on Monday, we will be diving into more of an interval piece today to break things up and keep your intensity high. You will be switching up the cardio today, trading in your running shoes for time on a rower and pairing that with some pressing and jumping work.

getting into a 20:00 AMRAP for our mid-week fitness test. You will be working through some cardio, core work, isometric holds, and the jump rope in this piece.

starting the day off with a shorter AMRAP working with DBs and some bodyweight work. We will have a short rest period before diving into an EMOM with a wall ball and core work for a nice spicy end to the day.

getting the day started with a mix of unilateral accessory work for our posterior chain, shoulders, and midline. We will close out the day with a fun interval piece with movements that mirror our accessory work.

closing the week out with a fun partner workout! Teams will work through 100 reps on a few movements with one partner working while the other is working on an isometric hold.