Heavy Squat Day … CF Crown Point vs. CF Indy North Competitions

TODAY’S WORKOUT Squat Mobility Drills “30 – 20 – 30” w/ Bands – Counted Off Wall Drill Feet on Wall 3×1 Minute Squat Depth Holds. Back Squat 5-3-1-1-1-1 70%-80%-90%-100%…SET YOUR GOALS AND NEW PRS!!! (Personal Records) At least 90-180 Seconds Rest between each Set at Minimum 2×1 Min AMRAP Burpees Goals Level 1 – 18 Level 2 – 24 Level 3 – 32 or more

Register Today!!! They will both sell out!


Saturday, August 11th http://crossfitindynorth.com/2012icc/




Saturday, July 28th


Squat Mobility WOD


22 thoughts on “Heavy Squat Day … CF Crown Point vs. CF Indy North Competitions”

  1. I’m signed up for the Indy North Competition Indy CrossFit Classic. Who’s gonna rep CFNT with me?

  2. back squat: #175 (PR by #15!!!)
    26 burpees
    definitely did a couple PR dances today & i’m only #10 away from my BS goal now! yay for the strength cycle! its like our coaches actually know what they’re doing or something…weird.

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  4. Squat 185 lbs PR
    (Special thanks to Dana for helping me and walking me through it and reminding me to get low!)
    Burpees 20 and 18
    Great 7pm class as always!

  5. Had some weird hip abductor issues today, wasn’t my best. Maxed out at 235 lbs_Deadlift.
    25/21 (Buck Furpees)–but thanks for the encouragement, Drill Sergeant, Moises.

  6. 215# PR (technique went on last rep…need to continue to focus on depth)
    17/18 burpees

  7. 95# PR…but also my 1st time doing this. A shout out to Jeanne and Kate for the encouragement. And last but not least, Coach Jared for pushing me!
    18/17 burpees