S&F Programming Preview : 9/13-9/19

kicking the week off with a strict press test before diving into a quick and spicy bodyweight triplet. You will work through two shorter AMRAP intervals to keep your intensity up and give you a goal to push beyond in the second round!

after a shorter workout with higher level skills on Monday, we will be switching gears today with a longer workout with a LOT of cardio. This will be a workout to move steadily and increase your capacity rather than going for super high intensity throughout.

working our pulling strength with the deadlift again today, this time getting a bit heavier with our percentages as we progress from week to week. The workout portion of the day will be a nice alternating EMOM with the goal of rest each round as a nice recovery from yesterday’s longer workout.

starting our Thursday out with some gymnastics accessory work, focusing on a vertical pushing motion and core strength. Your workout will be a medium-length AMRAP triplet with jump roping, bodyweight work, and a DB.

working into squat strength work to begin our Friday fitness. Our workout will be a quick sprint piece with olympic lifting and gymnastics work for a remix of last week’s Friday test.

closing the week of fitness out with a longer workout full of running and pressing work.