Most of the equipment is ready, we are ready, now let’s lock in this location.   10 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) 150m row 10 burpee’s side facing, over rower 4 pistols   Post rounds to comment section.  ]]>

2 thoughts on “Homeless”

  1. 6rds + 150m row. This was a good WOD, I just took to long of breaks in the last few rounds. I could have kept moving quicker. I think 8+ rounds is doable.

  2. 5Rds + 66m Row. I really enjoyed this AMRAP but was definitely held back by the pistols. First time doing Pistols in a WOD so I was happy to do them but technique needs work which slowed me down. Probably did 4 to 5 extra Pistols throughout the workout.