SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 3/22-3/27

starting the week off with a long AMRAP full of cardio and a few bodyweight movements with a bit of athlete’s choice thrown in as well!

getting the day started with a bit of unilateral strength work. We will then close the day out with a triplet full of DB work, burpees, and jump roping.

working through some interval work today with a pair of AMRAPs, one longer then one shorter, with fast paced cardio and bodyweight work. We will finish the day out with a few core intervals.

another longer workout today, chipping away at a few DB movements with some biking thrown in as well. Your day will start off with some tempo squat work before diving into the main workout for the day.

starting today out with some banded accessory work focusing on quality for our AMRAP. Your workout will be an AMRAP featuring swings, core work, and push up volume!

closing the week out with a longer workout pairing running and heavy lunges in a descending ladder!