SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 3/29-4/3

starting the week off with some isometric accessory work to get your legs and core fired up and ready to go for the day. Our workout will be a spicy couplet for the legs featuring the bike and a wall ball.

we will kick off our day today with a bit of shoulder and core stability work to prep for the day ahead. Your workout will be a series of AMRAP intervals with rest in between to help you to recover before getting back into it. We will be working with a dumbbell for all three movements within the AMRAPs today.

more intervals to kick off our Wednesday! We will be working on some tricep strength work for the first piece of the day before diving into the workout. The workout piece will pair cardio with a pair of bodyweight movements in 1:00 intervals for max reps.

switching our focus today to the lower body for our accessory work today. Your workout will be TABATA intervals today with a focus on moving fast and recovering quickly. The slam ball will be the main piece of equipment for today.

after a few shorter pieces in the last few days, we will be closing out the work week with a long partner AMRAP full of cardio and bodyweight movements.

closing the week out with a long chipper full of different bodyweight and dumbbell movements to cap off the week!