TEAM WOD – Strategy and Communication

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3 thoughts on “TEAM WOD – Strategy and Communication”

  1. Took on Grace with Moises today (30 clean and jerks for time). PR’d by 20 seconds. 2:42. Pretty happy with this considering it was my 7th day of working out in a row. Definitely some room for improvement. RESTING tomorrow!!

  2. Ran the Monumental Half-Marathon this morning just because.
    (because this is my first organized half)
    TIME: 1:39.57
    Goal was 1:45 so I beat it by 5 minutes. Learned alot about how to run long distances. Watch your pace, don’t listen to your mind and body. Came out way too fast.

  3. cant remember my time BUT i RX’d yay…now i just need to learn about 40 more movements and i can RX everything 🙂
    i think it was 33:something