Strength & Fitness Weekly Programming Preview : 1/4-1/9

getting the week going started at the racks with a bit of squat strength work before diving into a bodyweight chipper to close out the day. IN larger classes, some will do the strength first then the workout while others start with the workout and wrap up with the strength.

working into a longer AMRAP today with a row followed by olympic lifting and a pair of bodyweight movements. The name of the game today will be pacing to stay moving steadily for the length of the workout.

starting today with overhead strength work, focusing on jerk variations today. Your workout today will be fast intervals pairing dumbbell work with jump roping.

getting the day going with skill work focusing on handstand work. We will close the day out with an AMRAP triplet with a bit of cardio, box jumps, and bodyweight work.

more strength work to close out the week, this time working on our pulling strength. Our workout today will be a different pulling variation paired with the bike for a nasty combination.

starting the weekend with an accessory piece for overhead stability and posterior chain work. We will finish the day out with a longer EMOM-like piece working towards max reps with a few dumbbell movements and wall balls.