SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 1/11-1/16

Our week is going to start off with a series of 1:00 max intervals with a variety of movements and a rest between rounds to help you keep your intensity up. We will be mainly working with bodyweight movements here for a nice cardio stimulus to start your week.

Today, you will be working through a longer cardio movement to start the work each round followed by a series of midline challenging movements. We will finish the day out with a bit of core accessory work to cap off your our core focus for the day.

Getting into more accessory work to start this day, this time focusing on unilateral movements. Your workout will be an AMRAP pairing the jump rope with a dumbbell movement that people tend to love or hate.

after a shorter piece on Wednesday, we will be gutting it out today with a long AMRAP full of longer cardio movements with a fun bodyweight movement to break up the piece.

starting the final day of the week off with a sprint piece to get your hear rate up and challenge your anaerobic system. This will lead into our workout today that will be an interval piece pairing a fun dumbbell movement with more calories.

closing the week out with a workout full of slam ball fun and some time spent upside down.