Strength & Fitness Weekly Programming Preview : 1/11-1/16

getting the week going with a bit of accessory work, focusing on unilateral squat work and jump roping practice. We will close the day out with a longer workout with wall balls, box jumps, and cardio time. Get ready for a long, sweaty workout today!

more accessory work to begin our Tuesday, this time focusing on the upper body with a pair of pulling movements to strengthen our upper back and lats. Your workout will be a series of 1:00 work intervals with a lot of gymnastics work and a rest included as well to keep your intensity high.

starting the day with volume strength work with a pressing movement. We will be getting as heavy as we can with a higher volume pressing movement to work on your strength stamina. Our workout for the day will be a pair of couplets starting with a descending ladder followed by a rest and then repeating the workout in an ascending ladder.

after a quicker workout on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be working with a long, grinding workout for your Thursday. The movements for this will include a pair of cardio pieces with movements to improve midline stabilization.

starting your Friday with a bit of skill work focusing on our gymnastics kip and pulling strength combined with a strength cycling challenge on the barbell. Your workout will be a fun test of barbell cycling at lighter weight after elevating your heart rate with cardio work.

getting the weekend going with more strength stamina work, this time in the squat department. Your workout will be a partner one pairing cardio with light KB work and bodyweight movements. Your partner will be there to pace off of and give you a bit of rest as you work through the two separate pieces of the workout.