YOGA POSE + FOCUS 06.20 – 06.26

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Focus: Abundance

The week we focus on abundance – the abounding gifts within us and that which surrounds us. When we are able to see life from a collective perspective rather than a personal perspective, it opens our eyes to the possibilities of sharing all that we are and all that we have with the world. 

As we build upon our previous concepts, we may see the abundance of the world – there is plenty to go around. AND,we likely are able to see this from a place of privilege. Being able to recognize the abundance around us is a privilege, as for many, their realities do not make this apparent. Because we are privileged enough to live in a place where we have direct and relatively easy access to so much (think beyond resources such as food even), we might consider our responsibility in sharing this abundance. This idea can extend towards abundance of information, kindness, resources, or even time and energy. It is important to respect our personal boundaries as well, but again, where are we allowing fear-based notions to hold us back? We may even find a new abundance within ourselves after sharing what we have with others. As much as we give, we often receive in return. What does abundance mean to you?

Flow/Align Classes: Purvottanasana // Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank is a lovely way to exemplify offering yourself up to that which is greater than yourself. Lifting your heart as an offering to others – pouring from the cup which has plenty to share. By drawing the shoulder blades together we puff up the heart, feeling the abundance of space and energy around us. If reverse plank is not your thing, hey no worries – we can take reverse table as an alternative, keeping the knees bent gives us a sturdier base and more power to press up from. As you lift, really think about the grounding connection of your palms and soles of the feet, keeping your strong and steady.

Restore/Stretch Classes: Supported Paschimotanasana // Supported Seated Forward Fold

Seated forward fold is a wonderful counter pose to reverse plank, it will feel so good to take this immediately following (if you choose to of course!) There are an abundance of ways to support this pose with as many or as few props as you may like/have available. An easy version at home is to roll a thick towel to act as a bolster under the knees, and then to stack folded bath towels on the thighs until you can comfortably lean forward and support your head and neck (we like bath towels as they are firmer than fluffy pillows). See if you can spend a good 5-7 minutes in this posture of support. If propping yourself up removes intense sensation in the hamstrings, don’t worry about it. There is a lot to be received from a pose that nourishes and restores the body, even if the abundance seems more subtle.