As we continue to celebrate Pride, we would like to highlight the story of one of our members who kindly offered to share with us. Please take a moment to read Keaton’s thoughts:

“For me, pride was not always something that I was proud of. As a gay person from a small town, pride was a privilege and a rare one at that. I made the people of my hometown happy; I kept every display of affection a secret with Pentagon level protection, sometimes even from the one it was for. I resented these people; sure, I wasn’t too gay, but it was costing me my happiness. I tailored my life around them, and they never once returned the favor. Then, I found Indy. I owe $22 in taxes and the entirety of my new outlook on life to the city of Indianapolis. Indy is the first place that has been wholeheartedly nice to me. It’s hard not to love something that so unconditionally loves you back, and Myriad is just the same.

Fitness communities often go hard on the no judgement sell, but that’s where it ends. Myriad is different; it was built on this principle. Myriad is a consistent highlight of my day not only for the WOD, but also–and more notably–for the people and their unconditional acceptance. The question of the day today was, “If you could go back in time, where would you go?” I knew that I am the happiest that I have ever been when my answer was “I want to stay right here.” I love these people, and I would be a fool to risk losing them. Every single one. So Indy, Myriad, and people within, thank you for your encouragement, your friendships, and the right to be me. Happy pride! “

Thank you Keaton for sharing your story!

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