Yoga Pose & Focus : 1/10-1/16

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” -May Sarton

Theme: Svadhayaya
Svadhayaya is study of the Self, bringing our true essence to awareness. Everything always comes back to the Self. We must repeat our actions and constantly remind ourselves of WHO WE ARE. We consider our beliefs and form desires, and then we turn back, look into the mirror of our lake, and make sure we connect with what is staring back up at us. Our path forward has continuous pauses, to self-reflect and consider – am I acting in accordance with my truest essence? 

Flow/Align Pose: Sirsasana/Headstand
Headstand – a time for focus. What better time to self-reflect on why on earth we are putting ourselves through this practice. There are so many ways to connect with headstand without taking the full variation – so don’t sweat it if the feet over the head intimidates you. We can take a tripod, bring a block under our head in a wide-leg fold – what ever allows us to connect the crown of our head to the earth, and stimulate our inward gaze. 

Restorative Pose: Sailor’s Knot 
Sailor’s knot offers space for quiet and introspection – can we bring svadhyaya into our practice and use this as a time to turn inwards?  If you feel restricted here, consider propping your arms with a bolster or even take a cross of the arms on your back. Be sure that you can breathe with clarity to help clear the mind.