CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 10/29/18 – 11/4/18

Monday: happy benchmark Monday! We will kick off the week with a retest of an Open Workout from this year that featured a classic benchmark with a twist. We will be starting the day off with some skill practice to prepare for the day and then get to testing! Tuesday: after a good amount of gymnastics work on Monday, we will be switching things up with strength work today followed by a monostructural test. Get ready to squat some heavy weight and then move fast Wednesday: more strength work to start the day, this time with a press and a push. We will finish the day out with a spicy couplet with the jump rope and a heavy barbell Thursday: accessory work for the core and posterior chain to start the day out. You will be working with some new movements today to keep things fun and interesting! We will close out the hour with a long AMRAP with KBs and a bike. Friday: back to skill work and gymnastics to close out the work week. The first portion of the day is meant to open you up and make you feel prepped for part two. Our workout today is borrowed from Saturday: all classes at 916 and Monon today. We will be partnering up with a long and nasty chipper that will make you grateful you have a buddy to suffer alongside you.]]>