CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 10/30/17 – 11/5/17

Monday: starting our week out with a wrist mobility and strengthening piece before getting to our first strength day of the week. You will finish out the day with a fun gymnastics complex. You may experience some dizziness with it, so be smart about the way you move from one movement to the next and take breaks as needed! Tuesday: Happy Halloween! Partner workout day featuring a pumpkin or a med ball and lots of fun. Wednesday: starting out our day with an agility ladder warm up to get the blood flowing and keep you on your toes. From there you will move into your second strength day of the week! We will close the day out with a challenging couplet where your goal will be to perform both movements unbroken throughout the 5 rounds. Bring your jump rope! Thursday: Day 3 of strength work today closing out with squats. After your squats, we will finish up on the rower with intervals at descending distances. Friday: with the move from 609 Delaware to 922 Capitol coming very soon we are taking on the 609 chipper for the last time in our Delaware space! Saturday: starting the weekend out with unilateral work for the upper and lower body. Moving from that accessory work into a partner version of two benchmark girls put together to close out the week. Have a fun and fit week!]]>