CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/6/17-11/12/17

Monday: starting our week out with explosive work before getting to our first strength day of the week. We will be front squatting and working to a heavy single so bring your accessories if you want them! The day will close out with a barbell and gymnastics couplet. Tuesday: After swinging around on the rig on Monday, we will be starting Tuesday off with strict gymnastics skills to work on pure strength. After you will then take on a long AMRAP to finish out the day with gymnastics, rowing, and a light weight swing. Wednesday: second strength day of the week will be with the deadlift using the same format as Monday’s squats. After a long workout on Tuesday, you will be sprinting in short bursts today. There will be a lot of rest between intervals to allow you to recover and sprint hard again. Thursday: starting the day out on the barbell today but getting away from the strength cycle to work on our Olympic Lifting technique. Don’t shy away from class today to avoid your weaknesses, come on in and work on them with us! You will close out the day with a fun sit up and dumbbell snatch sandwich workout. Friday: Finishing the strength work out for the week with the push press. With the open fast approaching, we will be retesting another open workout this week from 2012. Bring your jump ropes! Saturday: Finishing the week out with some synchronized partner work. We will be putting a little NapTown twist on a workout from the team series this year that will be a test of your pacing and teamwork. Have a fun and fit week!]]>