CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 12/31/18-1/6/18

Monday: limited schedule for New Year’s Eve and classes will be 90 minutes long to accommodate our Hidalgo tradition. This is a long workout with a significant run buy in and buy out. If the weather or distance intimidates you, then take on a modified version of this workout! Tuesday: Happy New Year NapTown! Open gym options today as well as a SWIFT class at 922 and Monon. Wednesday: Starting out 2019 by getting back to our strength cycle with some pulling. Finishing out the day with a New Year themed couplet featuring a jump rope and core work. Thursday: Working on grip strength and unilateral strength to begin our Thursday. You will close out the day with a nice interval workout featuring the ski erg, gymnastics, and the bike. Friday: Back to the strength cycle with oressingto close out our week! You will finish out the day with a nasty AMRAP that will challenge your legs and make you even more prepared for retesting your squat in a few weeks. Saturday: Gettingthe day started with gymnastics strength before taking on a partner chipper. You’ll do a mix of barbell work, isometric holds, and cardio to close out the week of fitness!]]>