CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/3-4/9

Monday: starting the day off with some accessory work focusing on activation and strengthening of the posterior chain. Your workout today will build on that theme with a couplet of booty work and core work. Have some fun and challenge yourself with your scales today! Tuesday: your warm up today will incorporate strength and mobility with a movement that will be humbling for many of you. You will pair that up with some explosive work. Both of these things will help you in the workout today. We hope you wrote down all of your numbers from last week as you will be working off of percentages more in the coming weeks! Wednesday: we will be spending a long time on the warm up today to prep for today’s workout. You will have a 10:00 skill piece that is meant to be a warm up NOT A WORKOUT. It would deb very easy to blow yourself up on this and regret it as soon as you hear 3, 2, 1…GO! in part 2 of the day. Check your ego and take it slow. The workout is a twist on an Open WOD that many of you will be quite familiar with. Thursday: throwing some strength work in to start the day off. We will be playing with a push and a squat in an alternating fashion. It may at times feel like strength and at other times feel a little more like cardio. Embrace the suck. Your workout will put you outside a whole bunch and is meant to be a steady state, keep moving and move fast kind of day. Friday: we are learning a new movement today!! For some it will be strength work and for others it will be a little bit more of a mobility piece. As it is new, we will be staying pretty light. You will be partnering up for your workout today with a little bit of cardio and midline crushing fun. Saturday: everyone will be taking on this long chipper, benchmark workout on their own in today’s class! We have not done it for a while so it will be a good chance to see how our fitness has improved if you have your old time written down. Have a fun and fit week!]]>