CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/28/18 – 6/3/18

Monday: We are honoring those who have served with a choice of hero workouts for Memorial Day. Tuesday: after a long and hard workout on Monday, we are easing back into the week with lifting that can be done at light weights to work on technique and allow your body to recover or get heavy if you are feeling good and rested after a holiday weekend. You will finish the day by taking on a partner workout that can again be taken more casually or intense depending on how your body is feeling. Wednesday: starting the day out with a strength test that will be somewhat varied depending on the mobility of the athlete. Your coach for the day will have everyone perform a mobility test to determine which strength test you will be finding a max on. Closing the day out with an AMRAP of a movement tested at regionals for the first time this year. Thursday: beginning your day with a rotating EMOM of a variety of skill movements working on unilateral strength and shoulder stability. Ending the day with a classic CrossFit triplet involving some cardio, heavier weightlifting, and high skill gymnastics. Friday: banded strength work for the beginning of the end of your week. Pack your jump ropes for part two on the day where you will be testing one of the most classic CrossFit benchmarks. Saturday: getting some partner conditioning in to start out your Saturday before taking on a simple, yet challenging AMRAP]]>