CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/4/18 – 6/10/18

Monday: Beginning the week with banded strength work. Remember, our goal with the banded strength work is to be speedy! Lower the weight or the band tension to keep your speed high today. We will finish the day out with a simple triplet, the goal here will be constant movement during the entire 7:00 piece. Tuesday: getting in some gymnastics accessory work to start out today that will build into your workout. Working through a much longer AMRAP today full of gymnastics and grunt work. Wednesday: more skill work to begin today, this time focusing on overhead stability with a little fun thrown in. Moving into a strength test next before finishing the day out with a couplet combining running and heavy lifting. Thursday: starting our Thursday with a rotating EMOM with a focus on core work in both a straightforward and rotational manner. We will close out the day with another triplet, going longer than Monday and with slightly more cardiovascular intensive movements than skill intensive movements. Bring your jump ropes! Friday: closing out the work week with split jerk drills before applying those skills to your strength piece for the day. To keep things constantly varied, we are splitting the skill and strength piece up today with a benchmark workout thrown in the middle. Come in to test one of the most classic benchmark ladies out there! Saturday: getting in strongman work to begin your Saturday, come ready to play with odd objects and weird movements. You will close the day out with a partner workout, plan ahead with clothes you are okay with getting a little dirty.]]>