CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 8/21/17-8/27/17

our website and get yourself enrolled! Monday: we will begin our week with practice on the rower as a warm up. This is not meant for any kind of score, your goal is to hold a specific strokes/minute cadence for the entire interval and to let go of worrying about your actual per 500m pace. After your row warm up, we will move into a gymnastics and weightlifting chipper to finish the day out. Tuesday: working on shoulder mobility and stability at the beginning of class today. Your workout today will be a date with a plate session where you use your plate on every exercise to add some weight to bodyweight movements. Wednesday: gymnastics and inversions will be the first piece of your hump day. We will continue to focus on building the foundations for a better handstand today and in the coming weeks. The workout today will be fast and intense with a focus on barbell cycling and some mental toughness. Thursday: both of your pieces today will work on shoulder stability starting with pause work in the overhead squat. Do not hesitate to come to class today if the overhead squat is not your friend, there will be many options to work towards and overhead squat without doing the full movement today. You will finish off with dumbbell stability work and pull ups in an AMRAP style for your workout. Take a look at our latest article on hand care if you want to be well prepared for today! Friday: core work on the GHD machine to lead us into the weekend. You will get a great sweat in to close the day out in the form of a partner workout with a combination of cardio movements. Saturday: taking on a partner variation on an old classic skill piece. The pull up dip program is getting a make over today! The last workout of the week will be a dumbbell snatch piece with squats thrown in to slow you down. Have a fun and fit week!]]>