CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 9/24/18 – 9/30/18

Monday: starting a new tradition for a little bit with benchmark Monday! In our first week of this, we will be revisiting this year’s open workouts. The first portion of the day will be technique work on the rower to help you be strong on the workout. Tuesday: starting our day with strength work, sticking with the higher rep ranges before working our way back down. We will close out the day with a fast and fun body weight couplet. Wednesday: getting your day started with core and balance work in the form of some unilateral tabatas. You will close out with a hard and fast interval workout with rest thrown in to keep your intensity up. Thursday: working on Olympic lifting technique for the first portion of our day. You will be taking a lot of reps to work on technique but also have the opportunity to work heavy if you so choose. You will close the day out with a weightlifting couplet. Friday: all classes will be participating in a Deaf Awareness Workout today, meaning that is will be done in silence. For this workout, you will be taking on a longer chipper alternating between bodyweight movements and cardio movements. Saturday: back to strength workout for to kick off the weekend. Lots of reps again with a pull and a push movement. Closing out the day with a fun and challenging KB and running workout. Have a fun and fit week!]]>