CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 9/10/18-9/16/18

Monday: starting our week off with our current strength cycle, combining a push and a pull today with a change up to the usual stance and grip to keep your body guessing. We will close the day out with a quick 2 round triplet with a combination of running, lifting, and a bodyweight movement. Tuesday: working on our nasal breathing again today as part of your warm up. We will continue to throw this into warm ups over the next few weeks and allow you to decide if you want to take it into more of your training as you get used to it. Your workout is two pieces today, the first one involving squats and lunges with a weight and the second half with just your body for the same movements. Wednesday: you will start your Wednesday off with a challenging EMOM that will tax your grip and send any bros/broettes back to their days of looking in the mirror. We will keep the grip challenge going with your workout, building to a heavy set of touch n go lifts. Thursday: beginning our day with lots of mobility to prep for the workout portion of the day. We will finish the class out with a challenging EMOM, with two movements that will be hard but doable to finish in a minute followed by a max rep minute with your jump rope and finishing with a rest minute. Friday: just one movement today for your strength but combining the squat and the press all in one movement. You will finish the day out with a couplet of rowing and gymnastics. Saturday: our goal almost every two weeks at NapTown is to test a benchmark workout so our athletes can test themselves and check progress over the years. Getting our benchmark on this week with one of the most challenging gymnastics Girls out there. Come test your skills and see where you are at with us this weekend!]]>