a fit & function show

TODAY’S WORKOUT “30-20-30”

WOD 2K Row Time Trial + 2 Mile Run Time trial. Score = Total Time of both events.

POST: Jump Rope / Mobility / Stretch


Want to see Coach Peter and Coach Jared make there runway debuts??? Join them tonight at Lululemon for a one of a kind event… a fit & function show

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What do you get when you bring together the lululemon Keystone ambassadors, some of the amazing yoga & fitness leaders in Indy, a DJ, a runway, and lots of luon®? The first ever lululemon Keystone FIT & FUNCTION SHOW! Come check out our ambassadors and other members of the community as they model the latest lululemon gear and test the limits of our Fall line. The red carpet pre-show begins at 8:00pm and the runway show begins at 8:30pm.

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15 thoughts on “ a fit & function show”

  1. My legs are still feeling Tuesday…ugh! Got through this one- barely
    Row:8:53 total time 27:53

  2. 2k row – 9:17
    2 mile run – 23:41
    Just having finished that makes me happy. Great job, 5:45!

  3. Lord have mercy!! 30:05 the WOD… All in all a GREAT start to a Friday morning! I’ll take it!

  4. WOD 21:20
    Row 2000M: 7:21
    2 Mi run: 13:59
    It was a hot one for the lunch time gang, but everyone pulled thru and did a nice job