4 thoughts on “Test your mind AMRAP style”

  1. 7rds even.
    Used a utility light pole as the wall, made it a little uneasy, but fun.
    20cals on the rower really tested me on this one. I think 8+ is doable on a regular surface, but I love the constantly varied environment. You never know what life will throw at you, why should your workout.

  2. 5 rounds and 10 wall balls (did 3 wall climbs and used 25lb weight)
    Wall climbs killed me. That was definitely the hardest part for me. The last set took me forever. I was struggling to drive up. My shoulders right now feel very weak and sore at the same time. Very challenging for me all around.

  3. 6 Rounds + 1 Wall climb (electric pole climb)
    I was dragging from a late night for this one so I just wanted to get it done. Unfortunately my phone decided to die on my after the completion of my first round so I may have had another minute or so to get more work done but had to estimate the amount of time left. Constantly varied and the “unknown” was definitely the theme on this one.