2 thoughts on “Team WOD Day”

  1. Chipper Extraordinaire!
    Peter and I teamed up for this workout and added an extra element to the mix. 50 Reps of each movement had to be completed with a 25# vest on.
    This increased strategy (although not well planned at times) throughout the workout as it took pressure seconds to switch the vest from one another.
    Awesome mental grind and definitely a lot more fun teaming up with someone else to struggle through the workout with you. I think we were consistently moving the whole time.
    TIME: 27:11 (Peter, correct me if that is wrong)
    Difficult movements for me included the SDHP (sumo-deadlift high pulls), and the hang power clean. The vest didn’t help but my technique and grip was near shot but pushed through.
    Double unders with a 25# vest was tons of fun too…