Can't Wait to See All the New Shoes

Thanks to all members who came out and stayed late to try on and buy new shoes last night. May your movements be smoother, better, and more efficient.

Deadlift Advanced 5×4 @ 88% Intermediate 4×5 @ 77% 12 Min AMRAP 1 Muscle Up 3 Handstand Pushups 7 Wall Balls (20/16) 250 Meter Row POST- Flat Footed Squat Holds for 3 Minutes Total Time (sit like a baby) For those interested, the Monumental Marathon will be taking place Saturday, November 5th. You can still sign up today at the Monumental Marathon Expo at Hall D in the Convention Center. Come join Coach Jared for a nice jog in the city on Saturday morning! And if you missed out on the Inov-8s, Kyle Roberts will be at the Expo all day tomorrow with deals on shoes.  Be sure to stop by and see him from 10am-7pm.]]>

8 thoughts on “Can't Wait to See All the New Shoes”

  1. 335lbs on the DL
    WOD: 4rds +6 wb’s….struggled trying to get my handstand push up in the last round and slowed me down a lot

  2. 6rds + 6wbs. Would love to do this one with a group. Fast moving and fun! Loved the energy all night!

  3. Thanks again guys for allowing me to drop in and workout with you.
    265 DL
    WOD 5 Rds 136 Row
    Next time I’m through from Florida will defiantly stop back by