"Griff" – Hero WOD

In honor of Labor Day, we will be doing a HERO WOD today. “Griff” is a CrossFit Hero WOD named after USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. Travis is survived by his son Elijah. Griff first appeared on the CrossFit website 9 June 2008.   * Run 800 meters * Run 400 meters backwards * Run 800 meters * Run 400 meters backwards   Post Time to Comments]]>

7 thoughts on “"Griff" – Hero WOD”

  1. I did this workout a month or two ago and finished in 10:36. My goal for today was under ten minutes which I knew would be pushing it pretty good. Still a little sore from my first ever yoga session Saturday morning. Hips are still getting use to all the unusual movements which I enjoy.
    Time = 9:57.52
    Stoked to beat my goal. Ran this one with Peter and Christy and used Peter as a pacer for the first 800M then went from there. It’s an interesting workout especially having a bit of a track background and never having done backwards running over a distance greater than 100M.

  2. fun Monday morning WOD. Proud to honor those who fight for our country.
    Time: 10:50
    800’s were a little off my pace, and it was COLD out, but it felt great.
    more work later today for sure.

  3. Time – 13:29
    It was definitely a little chilly out there this morning but I welcomed the break from the heat. The transition from the 800 to running backwards for the first 400 was definitely a wake up call. My legs were screaming. The second set was just me trying to get through till the end. For the post workout, we did 100m of lunges, which did nothing to help my burning legs but was a good challenge after such a leg intensive workout. Overall, I’m happy with my first try on this WOD.

  4. Lap 1 1:49:98
    Lap 2 1:58:92
    Lap 3 3:27:22
    Lap 4 2:40:96
    Lap 5 2:19:69
    Lap 6 3:17:00
    Total 15:33:77
    I am not good at cardio at all, and honestly, I never really have been. I usually have someone else to help me keep a pace. I did this by myself as I am in Wisconsin. It was extremely cold compared to past days (50 degree weather) and very windy. I did finish it, and like usual, the lunges were actually easier for me to get through, but don’t think I won’t feel them tomorrow. I did throw in 50 pushups, 75 situps, and a 50 second handstand at the end so that I could feel a little better about my time. I would like to try this again either in different weather, or with someone that can help me pace myself. I am somewhat happy I was able to get myself out there to do it though.

    1. Martin- I’m glad to see you made it out there on your own. Interesting that your 2nd backwards 400M was actually faster than your first.
      We had the same issue with weather this morning as well. Wasn’t it just Saturday morning when everyone was complaining about how unbelievably hot it was.

  5. by the way, while driving around looking for a track up here, I drove past Crossfit Greendale…in the future I know I have a gym to use