6 thoughts on “Love the Kettlebell”

  1. Did the workout…just realized that I set a timer instead of a stopwatch. On the brightside, I did get it done in under 20 minutes. Kettlebell swings (used 35lbs I believe) were much easier for me to fight through than the situps. However, my butt is on fire right now. The post was hard for me to do. My shoulders were a little sore, plus, where I was doing it, I was much further from the wall than usual(around 12 inches or more), so I think I was putting stress on different areas. In all, I think it was a fun work out. Really killing my legs this week.

    1. I’m glad to see you made it out again Martin. The hardest part about CrossFitting is doing it alone. The fact that you are doing so speaks volumes to your dedication. Keep it up and we’ll see you back in Indy shortly.

    2. I agree with Jared, great work staying with it while on the road! I hope you get some good protein and stretching on your body. Make sure you listen to your joints and do not over do it.

  2. I didn’t really set any time goals for this workout. I thought it would be around 7 minutes but I guess I didn’t factor in how long 50-40-30 Kettlebell swings would take. At times it literally felt like a marathon and just mentally keep going. Only goal I achieved was to go unbroken and never stop moving which I was successful.
    Time: 11:07
    Need to work on speeding up my KBS on a workout like this. It’s interesting how two people can go unbroken and yet the times be so different. Technique work soon.

  3. This one really blew up my core. The situps actually slowed me down the most.
    My time was 10:04. I really wanted to go sub 10, but I let that slip away in the round of 30 situps.
    My KB swings felt great, fast and efficient.

  4. Time – 13:50
    I used a 25lb weight for the first 50 swings and the last 10. In the middle I used a 10lb weight. Once I got to the round of 30 sit-ups I started to struggle a little bit. Overall, this was a great core workout and my quads and hamstrings felt it, too.