Last Chance to Make Your Impression on CFNT

Click here to take survey Today’s Workout -10 Minutes of Continuous Jump Rope Anyway/Anyhow (Score equals the number of times you miss during the 10 Minutes) -Max Box Jump for Height -Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3


The CrossFit Open begins this Wednesday, February 22nd when the first WOD is released at 8pm EST.

What’s Your Excuse Again?

  This SATURDAY, February 25th – (and every Saturday for the next 5 weeks) We will be running normal class hours at 9:30am and 10:30am.  The class will be doing the Reebok Sectional Open WOD for that week.  THEN… We will be hosting Sectional Open Heats from 12pm-2pm. At this point in time we will have judges and volunteers helping to run various heats. The idea is to create a competitive atmosphere unlike that of a normal class. Competing against others will push you out of your comfort zone but most importantly it will teach you as an individual that the body is stronger than the mind. Come prepared and ready for an all out max effort. You know your body better than anyone else so if it takes a day of rest on Friday to be ready for Saturday, then do exactly that. We want everyone to score their best during the open but at the same time have fun! CrossFit is meant to be fun so do exactly that… Have Fun!!! Invite Friends, Family, and Other CrossFitters! WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Email me,, confirming that you will be a part of the Sectional Open Heats between Noon-2pm. Please do so by Wednesday evening. From there I will separate each individual into a time slot and you will know when you will be performing your WOD on Saturday so you can let friends and family know. Our hopes are create an open atmosphere during the workouts so people can cheer each other on. (If you are competing in the games and need to get your workout verified but cannot make it on a Saturday, please contact Peter or myself and we can try to work something out. Make Up days on Thursday or Sundays are options to making up the workout as well).



16 thoughts on “Last Chance to Make Your Impression on CFNT”

  1. I will be back at CFNT tomorrow! This being sick is for the birds, a good 6AM workout is what I need.
    See you then, and the next day!

    1. Liz, hope you feel better soon! I also hope to see you tomorrow morning.
      Also, for the record, I have never been so sore from a CrossFit workout as I am today after those wall climbs yesterday! It’s a good feeling because I know that means I really exerted myself, but it also honestly sort of hurts to breathe. Anyone who makes me laugh today is automatically on my bad list because of the pain they will inflict on me by causing me to use muscles in my core.
      Love the video posted today. Very inspirational. Also really looking forward to watching my CrossFit friends compete in the Sectional Open Heats!

  2. I missed 35 times during the 10 mins of jump rope, but never on the double-unders i threw in there sporadically to fight the boredom (which is a big deal b/c i normally fail on every d/u).
    box jump 43″, failed 2x at 46″
    OHS: 75, 95, 105, 125, 135, 145 (ran out of time, did not have a final set to failure)

  3. 36 misses in 10min continuous jump rope, 34.5″ box jump (!!!), OHS #83
    it was nice to see so many new/old
    faces at the noon class!

  4. Kevin Stretch Allen

    I really want to do this but can’t make it tonight. Last time I tried this about 6 months ago I got 53 inchs. I’m interested in seeing everyone’s ups.

  5. 26 misses on the rope (it was going so well for the first 5 minutes, then it all went to hell).
    Many thanks to Martin for getting me out of my head and onto the 24″ box. That’s a big jump (pardon the pun) from my previous high of 16″.
    Just used the 15# training bar for OHS — definitely my least favorite exercise right now.
    Stuck around for fundamentals and got 63# on power cleans.

  6. 4 misses on the rope (Jared jinxed me on one of those!), 30″ box, and worked on form with 53# OHS…
    I never thought I’d be able to jump rope that long, continuously. Definitely helped incorporating the ‘running man’ jump to mix things up.

  7. Jump rope exercise_9 misses. Almost all in the last 2 minutes unfortunately.
    Box jump_38.75 !!! I was super pumped to do this! Definitely my best ever- never even attempted anything over 30″ before.
    OHS_ least favorite. Spent too long on box jumps so just got in a couple sets at low weight for technique.

  8. 34:38 on yesterday’s WOD today!!! Holy crap that was a beast! I used the 1.5 pood KB but everything else was rx’d. I had to sit out in the parking lot for like 5 mins to regain my head! My temples were throbbing from going upside down so much! It was tough but well worth the mental challenge!!!!

  9. 34 misses on jump rope. I need more time on the rope for sure.
    43.25 on box jump
    135 3 rep max 30lbs more than last time, very happy with the increase.

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