S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 3/1-3/6

getting the week started with a bit of squat strength work on the barbell with a focus on building heavier and then working through some drop sets. We will then close the day out with a fun AMRAP pairing thrusters with burpees for a fun and nasty combo!

working on the bar again today, this time working off of our pressing performance from last week with percentage work. Your workout will be a triplet of gymnastics paired with some cardio work.

after a few days of strength to start our day, we will be switching gears with some accessory work for our grip along with isometric holds for muscle stamina. Our workout today will be back to a barbell with a remix on the hero workout DT with a heavier bar and different rest and rep structure.

getting into a longer, chipper-like workout today with high reps of double unders to get the workout started and ended with a pair of challenging dumbbell movements in the middle to work through. We will close the day out with a bit of core work as a post workout finisher.

working into a longer AMRAP today with a partner to close out the work week! This will be a little triplet of cardio, bodyweight work, and a barbell that you will share the work with a partner on.

closing out the week of fitness with another AMRAP that will be somewhat open-like with a combination of lunges, dumbbell work, and pull ups. Your day will start with some shoulder and midline accessory work before diving into the workout piece.