Survey Survey, fill it out if you haven't yet!

Click here to take the Feb 2012 survey Today’s Workout Skill- Squat Snatch 1 on the minute each minute for 10 min WOD 6 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds/reps As Possible) 10 Dead lifts 185/135 10 pull ups ]]>

13 thoughts on “Survey Survey, fill it out if you haven't yet!”

  1. Deadlifts as RX’ed. Subbed in pushups due to sore shoulder.
    5 Rounds + 6 Deadlifts.
    Great work everyone!

  2. Conquered my fear today and did a 65# squat snatch! Thanks to Eileen, Kim and Marianne (?) for your encouragement! You ladies make me stronger.
    4 rounds.

  3. To Members and General Public:
    If anyone has a treadmill that is sitting in their basement, bedroom, or garage that is currently being used as a dust collector or closet and would be willing to donate to a better cause please contact Coach Jared at
    Thank You!

    1. FYI, the reason I go to CrossFit is because I hate treadmills. Are we going to start having treadmill WODs? What’s next the elliptical? Or dare I say, ZUMBA?