Updates, no 6am on the 26th, Holiday Party tomorrow at 8pm.

We will be closed on December 25th and we will not have a 6am class on Monday December 26th. Please keep an eye on the schedule for that day. We will run class as normal on Saturday December 24th. ]]>

7 thoughts on “Updates, no 6am on the 26th, Holiday Party tomorrow at 8pm.”

  1. Made up last Fridays workout.
    10 Broad Jumps
    20 Calories on Rower
    30 Second Handstand Hold
    Time: 9:42
    Still working on getting all the lactic acid out of these quads from Sunday’s competition. Good little muscle burner especially on the rower.

  2. WOD 12:50 and 301 on the pull
    WOD was not fun. I wasn’t feeling well. I actually only did 135lbs, and then I scaled my HSPU’s around round 3 or 4. My shoulers were shot, and my elbows weren’t great. Should have done better.

  3. 6:50 still a little shot from Sunday. Need to work on chaining together the cleans in all rounds. 185lbs got a little heavy towards the end. Nice WOD to break down the body a little.

  4. WOD – 7:50. 75lbs for the cleans and a 25 lb plate for my HSPU’s
    298m on the post was my highest!!!