We keep running, running

Today’s WOD 3min to complete each round, then one minute rest Run 400m Max push ups (if you have a bar, do pull ups) Run 400m Max KB Swings 1pood (if you have a heavier KB go to 1.5pood) Run 400m Max sit ups Run 400m Max Lunges Post WOD: 2 minute hand stand hold Also, we now have T-Shirt’s for sale in Grey and White: [caption id="attachment_355" align="aligncenter" width="179" caption="T-Shirt's for sale in Grey and in White "][/caption] Email us at info@crossfitnaptown.com Please post reps to comments. HERO WOD Monday! Enjoy your rest tomorrow. ]]>

4 thoughts on “We keep running, running”

  1. Push Ups – 27
    KB Swings – 26
    Sit Ups – 26
    Lunges – 21
    Wow! This WOD was really challenging. I did my push ups in increments of 5 with breaks in between which worked out pretty well. The first 400 I finished faster than the last three so I really had to pump out the KB swings, sit ups and lunges to get a few in before time was called. The lunges were the hardest part at the end because my legs were definitely feeling it from the four previous 400m runs. I did keep all my 400s under 2min and averaged around 1:48. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my progress today.

  2. Got this in on the canal. Fun running route, good little challenge. LOVE the 1 min rest.
    Push ups: 46
    Kettle Bell Swings: 38
    Sit ups: 47
    Lunges: 49

  3. Push Ups – 34
    KB Swings – 12
    Sit Ups – 17
    Lunges – 7
    There were a couple different factors. I know my cardio is lacking so I have to improve on that. I also did a yoga class before which I think took more out of my muscles than expected. Glad I did it, but it was ugly…trust me…

  4. Push Ups- 49.75
    KBS – 34
    Sit Ups – 47
    Air Squats – 51
    I love running workouts. Pushed the 400M as hard as I could during each round. We did this on the canal so we estimated the distance which included a lot of turns and uphills, downhills which varied up from a normal oval 400M.
    Push ups were controversial as I thought I finished 50 in time but Peter said I was still in the rep so he gave me a .75 I guess.
    I did Air Squats instead of lunges but would have much rather done lunges.