Yoga Pose & Focus : 12/13-12/19

“You are the hero of your own story.” – Joseph Campbell

Theme: Vira
A vira is a hero. Everyone views themselves as the center of their story (naturally!) so how can we become the hero of our story? How can we step into ‘right action’ through our practices on and off our mat? How can we channel the great, devoted hero Hanuman in all that we do?

Flow Pose: Hanumanasana
Hanumanasana is a challenge for most bodies. There’s nothing like settling into a full splits position to really remind us of our physical limitations. Try not to get focused on “achieving” the pose. Mentally, how can we push past our physical obstacles? Sometimes obstacles just ask us to rearrange or reconsider our path forward. Perhaps we take half or quarter splits? Maybe we support ourselves with props? Choose the path that works with, not against you. 

Restorative Pose: 1 Legged Supine Twist
This is a wonderful twist to ring out the spine and release. Let go of what you don’t need and settle in.