“EVA” Five rounds for time of: Run 800 meters 2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps 30 Pull-ups     Coach Jared will not be in class this weekend as he will be attending the CrossFit Endurance Certification this weekend at CrossFit Indy North.  

We’ve received 1 RSVP for CrossFit for Hope next Saturday.  Email jared@crossfitnaptown.com to RSVP.  Heats will be every 20 minutes from Noon – 2pm. 



6 thoughts on “"Eva"”

  1. 47:09 scaled with 1 pood and green and red bands for pull- ups. Hard, long, but what a fun class this morning! Shannon great cheering and coaching!

  2. WOD_44:20
    Scaled to 15 pullups each round since I wanted to go no-band but didn’t think my hands could handle it. Also, KB @1pd.
    Great job to the 9:30 class!! You were all fantastic company to have for this lovely lady “Eva”!

  3. When I came back in from my 5th run, the workout had come to a halt.
    4 rounds – 5th run completed in 53 minutes.

  4. That was freakin tough… I finished all 5 runs but I did not finish the 5th round of KB’s and PU’s…
    My hands tore today for the first time… I always tease Vanoskey and tell him that I got those “blue collar” chef hands, not admin situation computer hands… Oh well I guess I was wrong!