We’d also like to Congratulate Coach Elyse for attending the Level 1 CrossFit Certification course in Columbus, OH this past weekend.  Great work Elyse!!!   Clean & Jerk Technique Split Jerk Push Jerk “Grace” 30 Clean and Jerks for Time 135/95 POST: *Time Permitting* 1000M Row Cool Down: 70% Effort working on stroke per minutes.]]>

14 thoughts on “"Grace"”

  1. 3:00 as RX’ed
    After Murph yesterday, I’m feeling a deep muscle fatigue, but no pointed soreness. I’m guessing that last 1 mile stumble loosened me back up at the end.

  2. 5:37 as R’xed
    Damn Josh, you killed it today! I tried to stay with you but by the time I looked to see where you were at, you were already done. Still tired from yesterday I guess.

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  4. around 5:40 with 115#s. i wasn’t feeling the 135#s during the warm-up, but i should have gone heavier than i did and faster with what i had.

  5. 7:00 @ 95# (which is probably equal to the amount of sugar consumed this weekend…back at it).
    Starting to feel more comfortable with this lift.

  6. 5:20 rx’ed.
    only was able to string 2 together. definitely should have pushed harder, but my goal was sub-6:00, so success!

  7. 2:43 RX, i went a lot slower, or at least thought I did, than before and did it right and did not feel that tired afterwards because of better technique than before.

  8. 3:58 seconds at 75#
    I could have probably gone a bit heavier (likely not Rx though) but was supposed to work on my form. As Martin and Jared can attest…..my form, or should I say lack of form, is still an issue.
    Merritt and Rachel y’all are beasts! Congrats on the Rx!!