"Diane" – More Ladies

If you weren’t there to witness this in person… here you go. Gives me chills just thinking about it! Deadlift Technique 3×3 75%-80% “Diane” 21-15-9 of: Deadlifts (225/185) Handstand Push-Ups 2×20 GHDS – Advanced 2×10 GHDS – Intermediate 2×5 GHDS – Beginner  


YOGA tonight at 7pm:  Please email shannon@crossfitnaptown.com if you have already not done so. 

Fundamentals tomorrow night: Push Jerks


15 thoughts on “"Diane" – More Ladies”

    1. Just checked my records, and we did this back on January 20th for anyone looking. I shaved 3:13 off last time. Also, I got rid of the 25# and 15# plates I used for scaling, so I’ll call this a success!

  1. 15:30 as R’xed. Deadlifts felt great and blasted through the first 8 HSPU’s. After that, it was definitely a mental challenge getting through the HSPU’s. Thanks Peter, for the tip on kipping. Will have to work on that to complete this in a more respectable time.

  2. Another named WOD bites the dust.
    115# (should have gone heavier—next time!)
    25+10 HSPU

  3. LOVING all the benchmarks this week & also having anna at the noon classes!
    struggled through the deadlifts at the rx’ed weight, but hspu were with my security blanket (i.e. abmat).
    time 12:10
    after class, anna taught me to kip, so sayonara ab mat!!! i’m droppin to the floor now!!!

  4. Good day of CrossFit:
    187# PR on the Squat Snatch
    “Diane” – 4:17 – Didn’t know I could do 21 Unbroken HSPUs but it was awesome. Surprised myself. Happy with my time but looking forward to this again since my last round of 9 HSPUs took nearly 1:30 alone do to muscle failure.
    Keep Loving the Benchmarks Rachel!!!!
    Awesome work to all today!

  5. 12:35 with abmat and yoga block to scale HSPU… struggled with those but finally getting better

  6. Crazy day for me. Trying to push my body to test my true limits. We’ll see how it goes.
    PR’d my Diane at 4:32. Sub 4 is in my grasp for sure.
    Struggled with my Snatch today, just couldn’t get the feel for the bar.
    Then played with Ring HSPU’s 3 sets of 4.

  7. 11:20? forgot the exact time
    Rx’d DL, ab mat and #15 plate
    Great workout and going to feel this one tomorrow

  8. 3×3 DL – 185#(warm-up set), 3 sets @ 205#
    Diane – RXed – 19:08 – I was able to complete the DLs unbroken but the HSPUs were terrible today, it took all I had just to finish it
    today was my 4th day in a row training so tomorrow’s definitely gonna be a rest day

  9. 6:58 (I think?)
    DL with the rx weight and did not struggle with those so much; although still have form issues, so likely will be feeling it tomorrow!
    HSPU scaled with a yoga block and an ab mat. This was my first time actually attempting HSPUs on the wall and without the box as my security blanket so I was pretty excited!!
    Loved watching everyone try and MASTER kipping today at 7pm – had a huge 7pm class and it was awesome!! Good work everyone!!!

  10. 9:44
    DL – scaled 185# for 1st round and then 145# for remaining 2.
    HSPU – scaled off 24″ box

  11. 7:02
    DL – 103#
    HSPU – 24# box, 25+15#+ab mat (really need to work on these, but I did move up to a higher box)