Last Day of CFNT Paleo Challenge 12.0

WOD 1 Max Pull-Ups (in one set) Rules: You have two chances to get as many pullups in one unbroken set as possible. If you used a band or assistance of any sorts, be sure to use the same band on Thursday. WOD 2 10 Min Amrap 5 Burpees 10 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1) 15 Box Jumps (24/20)

Congrats to Andrew Barr for being the February Member of the month.

His video and profile can be found under the member profile section of the “About” tab on the website. Andrew was one of our first members and can truly attest to what hard work and determination can do for you. Make sure you congratulate him and go check out his profile.


15 thoughts on “Last Day of CFNT Paleo Challenge 12.0”

  1. 21 pull ups and 4 rounds + 7 box jumps. Added 8 pull ups!
    Coaches-I did do the 20″ box last time, my notes said 4 rounds + 5 KB swings. So that is an improvement!

  2. Yesterdays rowing done today:44,46.2,45.6,47.5,45,45.4,46,44.6
    Tough to do alone…well most of em are

  3. 12 pulls up…(blue band) 2 more than where I started from! 5 rounds 9 KB…..just one KB swing away from adding a FULL round! I’ll be smiling all day!!!!

  4. Congrats to Andrew as February’s Member of the Month!
    I didn’t know you were from Cambridge City! lovely place.

  5. Have not done the WOD yet but did get weighed and measured. I lost 13.8 lbs. lost 2.5 inches off my waist; .5 off my butt. gained .5 inch on my bicep, and .5 inch on my chest. I am totally pumped about these results.
    Super pround of everyones hard work. WOOT/BOOM!

  6. 25 pull-ups (last time did 17)
    WOD: 177 (169 last time), so i did 8 more box jumps this time.
    I didn’t feel like I that “spark” today, and i think i felt better last time (although it was after the holiday and i was coming off 1 week’s rest). either way, it is nice to see improvements from measurements and performance.

  7. I am extremely satisfied with my results. I lost inches where I was supposed to and gained inches where I was supposed to. I lost 2.5 pounds. I was a bit discouraged of the diet when I lost an initial 7 pounds, but I stuck with it and put back 4 pounds of weight, I think it was muscle.
    For the two workouts, I had 34 pull-ups last time, this time I got 39. For the WOD, I got 7 + 10KB’s, this time I got a full round better at 8 + 10KB’s.
    I worked my butt off this past month, great to see it pay off.

  8. I didn’t lose a tone of weight… 5lbs. I did lose an inch off of my waste and gained 2 inches in my chest.
    Pull ups– last time 13– this time 22
    WOD– last time 4 rounds even 120 reps
    — this time 5 rounds and 7 kb’s 162 reps

  9. During the pre-Paleo WOD I did 13 pullups with the red band and completed 5 rounds & 5 burpees (155) of the AMRAP.
    Tonight I did 32 pullups with the red band…quite an improvement since I more than doubled my reps. I was also told that I can no longer use the red band:)
    I completed 5 rounds and 2 box jumps during the WOD, which is 167 reps. That’s an improvement of 12 reps.
    Thanks, CFNT!

  10. Post- Paleo! Wow this paleo challenge just flew by!! right?
    WOD#1_ Max Pullups = 29
    WOD#2_6 rounds + 2 Burpees
    FYI_ Pre-Paleo Numbers:
    WOD#1_ Max Pullups = 21
    WOD#2_5 rounds + 7 Box Jumps
    So (yay!) for improvements. I was worried that I wouldn’t do so well on this post paleo performance test because I was feeling under the weather, but I gave it my all and it showed in the numbers!
    Congrats to everyone else on their Paleo performances too!

  11. Max Pullups: 23
    WOD: 6 Rounds + 9 Box Jumps
    Max Pullups: 10
    WOD: 5 Rounds + 6 Box Jumps
    Great job everyone for sticking with it!