Yoga at 8:30am on Saturday.

WOD, chipper of Sorts: open with 750 m row 50 wall balls (20/14) 30 kettle bell swings (2/1.5) 50 push ups finish with 500 m row Post from yesterday 3 attempts to get max distance in 10 pulls on Rower. For those of you new to Wall Balls here is a quick intro: ]]>

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  1. Greetings from Finland everyone!! Just wanted to blog that Crossfit Naptown was up and in the gym at 3 am this morning.. okay it was 10 here haha.. I don’t know what my time was, but I know that this jet lag is kicking my butt right now! I had to sub thrusters for wall balls and swinging a metal plate for KB swings. All in good fun!! Thank goodness they have rowers! I hope everyone is doing well!! Keep working hard!

  2. 18:36
    113 in 10 pulls
    Wall balls killed me today, but overall a great last WOD before we head to Europe. Hoping to find a couple of boxes over there. See you in a couple weeks!

  3. 14:08 (?, i didn’t write it down) as prescribed.
    the last 500m row was really rough for me. i went into it a little fast, then at 150m i was in rough shape.

  4. 15:30 used a 1.5 pood as i felt like i would drop the 2 pood on my head.
    122 in 10 pulls, rest for a sec at the end of each pull really helps.

  5. Great noon class Butch.
    14:05 (back getting better but still modified workout to accomodate…14# wall ball and 1 pood KB swings).
    145 in 10 pulls.
    I learned a lesson about the damper on the rower…did today’s WOD on 10 apparently 5 – 5.5 is appropriate. I guess that means I worked twice as hard today…Bow before Zod!

  6. Whoops! Forgot to post this morning.
    17:34 w/ 12 lb wall ball, push ups from knee, but I did use the 1.5 pood- OMG! So freaking heavy and I was making some ridiculous vocalizations trying to get that thing in the air.
    117 meters in 10 pulls

  7. 13:46 using 1.75pd kettlebell, otherwise as rx’d, 142m in 10 pulls, keeping stroke rate at 22spm or above. Got my first muscle-up today thanks to some great coaching in the fundamentals class.

  8. 12:02 on the WOD as RX’d. Forearms were on fire after that one.
    182M in ten pulls with drag set to 10, SPM my standard 20spm.